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Ready to Nominate? Look No Further!

Help us bring the power of 100 Women RI to these organizations!  We've partnered with Providence's Social Enterprise Greenhouse to add the names of some of the great organizations that they are working with to our list of eligible nonprofits. If you're a member, consider adding one of these to our quarterly drawing.


Hope Scholars Initiative aims to humanize the scholastic experience by adopting a strength based and comprehensive approach that invites students’ cultural identity in the classroom and values their experience. The foundation of our program is centering youth voices and preserving the authenticity of their livelihood. Since 2018, Hope Scholars Initiative has partnered with over 20 schools and institutions to provide services ranging from in-class curriculum to youth mentorship to arts partnerships with  correctional facilities and professional development training for faculty and staff.



Hands in Harmony is a Rhode Island based 501(C)3 nonprofit organization that provides Neurologic Music Therapy services to anyone from birth to end of life. Hands in Harmony helps all people reach their true potential using proven music therapy interventions grounded in neuroscience to overcome a range of physical and psychological problems. Hands in Harmony’s model is grounded in local research and ensures effectiveness and integrated collaboration that broadens services and client impact. Our team is comprised of highly qualified licensed music therapists and other highly qualified professionals.



A network of individuals and organizations committed to supporting and promoting high-quality environmental education throughout the state. We collaborate with all educators, students, and advocates to respond to community assets, needs, and aspirations. Our vision is a culture of environmental and social responsibility that drives equitable decision-making to create a healthy, safe, and just future for all Rhode Islanders. 



This nonprofit surf therapy organization is focused on creating a culture shift towards happiness, kindness, love, and acceptance for all kids of all abilities regardless of socio economic status. They accomplish this by providing life changing surf therapy, art therapy, yoga and eco-therapy experiences.



Mission: To empower people throughout the aging journey by providing easy one-stop access to comprehensive information and resources. Core Belief: Information is power and no one should struggle to live a healthy, safe, dignified and happy life from a lack of it. Our website provides a resource for:  Seniors who are looking for guidance;  Caregivers who may not know if it is time to find a place for a loved one or if there are resources that can help a senior stay home instead; and for professionals who need access to the latest resources.



STE is a company of neurodiverse theatre artists, based in Providence, RI. STE engages artists and audiences in developing social skills, empathy, and self-determination. STE was founded with the belief that theatre provides a unique, collaborative venue for the understanding and inclusion of all, and that our society and culture are stronger for it. They produce relevant and high-quality productions and also provide leading initiatives and sensory-friendly consulting with other organizations within the theatre industry and beyond.



Rhode Island Black Storytellers (RIBS) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the awareness, appreciation, and application of Black Storytelling in Rhode Island through performance, as well as through educational and cultural experiences. Throughout the year, the organization offers workshops in storytelling, writing, and related arts as a part of the development of the next generation of storytellers along with professional development workshops for those interested in enhancing cultural awareness, and improving their performances and communication skills.


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