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100 Women Who Care RI quarterly meeting

How do I join?

It’s easy—fill out the membership form found here to either send to us or bring with you to the next meeting. 


Can I just come to a meeting before I join?

Absolutely! We encourage you to drop by and see what it’s all about. There’s no pressure to join. We want you to feel comfortable learning about our mission. If you are moved to join, great,  you can do so at the meeting. But if you find it’s not for you, that’s ok too. 


What can I expect at a meeting?

Part of the beauty of 100 Women is the efficiency of our meeting time. From social time to end of meeting is just 90 minutes. Each quarterly meeting begins with 30 minutes of optional time to socialize—it’s a great way to network and catch up with friends and acquaintances while enjoying wine and refreshments. We then move on to a quick presentation by the last quarter's recipient.  Following this we choose 3 nonprofits, randomly drawn from a hat, and move right on to a brief discussion of each, voting and lastly making your donation. 


What if I join and then can’t make it to a meeting?

We encourage our members to come to meetings, but understand that life sometimes gets in the way. So we send out the info on the chosen nonprofit after each meeting so members who were unable to attend can send make their donation. 


How do I nominate a nonprofit?

Our members are encouraged to nominate as many organizations as they like using the form found here. Because we only pick 3 organizations at each meeting, it is possible that your organization may not be chosen that night. A member may add their nonprofit to the selection box once they have attended their first meeting; only one non profit per member can be in the selection box.

Is 100 Women Who Care RI a nonprofit organization?

No, 100 Women Who Care RI is a pass through organization. All money collected is passed directly on to the nonprofit. Donations are made directly to the nonprofit, or with a check written out to the nonprofit. We are all volunteer, with zero budget and zero overhead!


But I don’t have any connections with any nonprofits, how can I nominate?

Nominating a non profit is not a requirement. It’s more of a benefit. While we encourage members to nominate organizations they feel passionate about supporting, it’s also a great opportunity to look into your community and discover new organizations doing good work that need our support. If you are searching for ideas, we also have a list of vetted non profits to choose from found here

Have more questions? We're here to help! Send us an email and say hello!

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