Become a Member


We welcome guests and new members! Check out the meeting—you can meet other members, learn about non-profit organizations in Rhode Island and see how the voting process works. If you'd like to join, you can fill out a commitment form on the spot, participate in the voting process and make an impact.

Just click on the downloadable PDF and fill it out. You can bring it to the next meeting or send it to the address on the form. We also have forms available at the meeting, and you can fill one out when you arrive.

*Joining is a commitment to attend four, one hour meetings a year, and to pledge $50 or $100 per meeting, with an annual commitment of $200 or $400 per member. There are no fees or monetary commitments outside of your donation.

100% of your donation benefits the charity selected.

How It Works


Before each meeting, members may nominate a Rhode Island based, non-profit organization serving the Rhode Island population. 

2. MEET 

At each quarterly meeting, three of the nominated charities are chosen at random and members who have nominated the selected organizations present a brief description of the non-profit.



Members present at the meeting vote, the votes are counted and the recipient is announced. Each member writes a check to the chosen non-profit at her level of giving. Your donation has just been transformed into an impactful contribution!



Watch how the combined contributions of 100 Women Who Care RI can improve the lives of our neighbors. Over 30 local non profits have benefited from our collective giving. Collective giving is powerful!