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Meet the Nominees

December Q4 2023 Nominees

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Dress for Success

EIN: 83-0569906




Dress for Success is a national organization. All money donated by 100 Women will support the RI chapter.


Mission Statement

The mission of Dress for Success is to empower women to achieve economic independence by providing a network of support, professional attire and the development tools to help women thrive in work and in life. Dress for Success® is a global not-for-profit organization that has helped more than one million women achieve financial independence. We provide professional attire, a network of support and a variety of programs to help our clients thrive in work and in life. Program focus areas include financial literacy, job placement and career advancement, health and wellness, as well as leadership and civic responsibility. With more than 140 affiliates operating in 25 countries, Dress for Success has
served as the model for women’s empowerment for over 25 years.


Who They Serve

Our 2024 operating plan targets serving 100 women in our pre-interview and post-employment programs. We serve unemployed and underemployed women at any phase of their employment development cycle. Our services provide pathways to success that reflect the real-life stages of a woman's journey.

31% Have never owned a suit before

45% Have children under the age of 18 living at home

83% Live below the poverty line



How Would Funds Be Used 

The funds would be divided between DFS five programs of service, which will bring services to approximately 100 women in 2024: 1. SUITING Personal shoppers help clients select career suits, cosmetics, footwear and accessories for job interviews and/or their first week of work. 2. WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT Career experts provide job-seeking women the skills to successfully transition into the workforce through programs like our Going Places Network and the Breakfast Club. 3. EMPLOYMENT RETENTION The Professional Women's Group encourage newly employed women to retain their jobs by providing a network of support and guidance. 4. FINANCIAL HEALTH Our Financial Health programs show women how to take control over their finances in an interactive environment. Women learn financial tools and apply them to achieve their personal goals. 5. LEADERSHIP & CIVIC RESPONSIBILITY Our Community Action Program provide working women the opportunity to obtain leadership skills and create change in their community.

Annual Budget

Annual Operating Budget: $40,000  

Annual Operating Costs: $40,000

Funding sources of individual donations (60%), corporate sponsorship (30%) and grants (10%).

Dress for Success Providence operates 100% on a volunteer basis and works hard to keep their operating costs extremely low.

From the Nominating Member
"My friend introduced me to this organization. I love their mission of helping women dress to feel great about themselves as they go out into the workforce!"

Girls on the Run RI

EIN: 45-3061488



Girls on the Run inspires individuals of all abilities to recognize their unique strengths, while building a sense of connection in a team setting. Volunteer coaches facilitate lessons that blend physical activity with life skill development to enable team members to adapt to whatever comes their way. At the end of the season, the team completes a 5K together, which provides a tangible sense of accomplishment and sets a confident mindset into motion.

Our Heart & Sole middle school program is designed to meet the unique needs of 6th-8th grade girls of all abilities. The program considers the whole person – body, brain, heart, spirit and social connection. Heart & Sole offers an inclusive place of belonging, where participants feel supported and inspired to explore their emotions, cultivate empathy and strengthen their physical and emotional health. At the end of the season, all team members complete a 5K.


How Would Funds Be Used 

Funds would be used as financial aid for participants who cannot pay the $180 program fee. $5,000 would fund 28 participants. $3,000 would fund 17 participants.


Annual Budget 

Annual operating budget: $358,400  /  Annual Operating costs: $358,400


Sources of Funding 

Grants, fundraisers, individual donations, corporate sponsorships, program fees


Who They Serve

Girls on the Run RI serves girls in third through eighth grade of all abilities and lived experiences across Rhode Island and Bristol County, Massachusetts. Over the 2022-2023 school year, we served 780 girls. We are on track to serving 900 girls by the end of this school year.

From their Application

GOTRRI is working hard at broadening its community reach and the diversity of participants, coaches, and board members. Removing financial barriers to participation is a significant piece of this process. Now more than ever, as we assess the impact of the pandemic years on children, GOTRRI can be an important component of our girls' successful development into their teen years.

Mini Kids

EIN: 88-4421847



Founded in 2021 as Invest in Your Kids, LLC, Mini Entrepreneurs of Rhode Island officially became a registered 501c3 in 2022. Mini Entrepreneurs of RI empowers the next generation of leaders by providing children, with a specific focus on children from BIPOC, first-generation, and under-resourced communities, throughout Rhode Island with a solid foundation in entrepreneurship education. We seek to create opportunities that support the personal and academic development of children as lifelong learners. We are committed to creating fun and engaging learning experiences that inspire children to explore their creativity, develop critical thinking skills, and cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset.


How Would Funds Be Used 

Funds will be used to support our annual Entrepreneurial Fair, including the cost of rental space, business scholarships for youth participants, stipends for mentors and interns, and other program supplies and materials. The Fair is held annually in September. It has previously been at Farm Fresh RI, but we have outgrown the space and are in the process of touring new facilities. Although the Fair is in September, costs related to the Fair occur year-round.


Annual Budget 

Annual operating budget: $90,480  /  Annual Operating costs: $90,480


Sources of Funding 

Mini Entrepreneurs receives support from various sources, including individuals, corporate sponsorships, local and national foundations, and organizational program partnerships. This year, we have received support from the Nellie Mae Foundation, the Papitto Opportunity Connection, Skills for RI, and the United Way of RI to name a few. In just one year, we have seen revenue grow from just over $4,000 to close to $50,000. This is an exciting time for Mini Entrepreneurs of RI, and we hope that you will consider joining us as a supporter of this important work.

Who They Serve

Mini Entrepreneurs of RI serves youth ages 4-14, with a special focus on children who have experienced marginalization, including those from BIPOC communities, low-income households, and first-generation families. According to the RI Kids Count Factbook, “Between 2017 and 2021, 15% of all RI children lived in poverty, 76% of whom were Children of Color. Black, Latino, and American Indian children are more likely to live in neighborhoods of concentrated poverty…16% of Black children and 13% of Hispanic children live in concentrated poverty compared to only 1% of White children.”


Although we serve the entire state of RI, most of our children live in the Greater Providence area. Discriminatory policies and systemic racism have caused longstanding disparities in wealth, education, and economic opportunities among our BIPOC communities - the impacts of which are still being felt today. An article published on 6/28/23 by Providence Business News titled, R.I. ranks 16th-worst in U.S. for minority entrepreneurs, study finds, highlights a report completed by Lendio, an online loan marketplace. The report found that “compared to the national average, RI distributes fewer loans to under-resourced communities with its community advantage loan approval rate, dropping by 11.7% from 2021 to 2022.” It further reports that “while 31.1% of the state’s overall population identifies as a minority, these individuals own just 10.1% of all businesses in RI.” These data tell us what we already know - our BIPOC/Under-resourced community members are being left behind and left out of economic opportunities.


Mini Entrepreneurs hopes to change these outcomes by giving BIPOC/Under-resourced children from across RI access to innovative, creative, and interactive tools that will spark their entrepreneurial spirit. By increasing access to educational opportunities in entrepreneurship as well as creating avenues for firsthand experience in the field, we can increase the number of BIPOC/Under-resourced entrepreneurs in our community and create better long-term wellness, education, and economic outcomes for BIPOC/Under-resourced children. We believe that our work will also help to build community wealth, empower economic progress, and increase representation in spaces where folks have traditionally been left out.

From the Nominating Member:

"Their annual Fair is just amazing.  I volunteered at it this past September.  It was at Farm Fresh, and 40 kids (ages 4-14) had their own business tables, selling products that they made and using the strategies that they had learned from the organization and its summer camp.  The kids were so excited and proud.  Kid-owned businesses included a photographer (sold prints, coasters), crafts (key chains, magnets), coloring book creator, comic book creator, lip glosses, cupcakes, juices, jewelry, clothes, accessories, etc.  It was truly an inspiring event."

From their Application

We offer an annual entrepreneurial fair, a summer camp, after-school programs, workshops, and mentoring programs that expose youth to entrepreneurship and provide them with the tools/resources they need to succeed. The goal of our Fair is to provide youth with entrepreneurial skills development and a platform to showcase their creativity, innovation, and skills. The goal of our summer camp and after-school programming is to introduce children to the world of entrepreneurship through fun and engaging activities.


Mentorship is threaded throughout our Fair, Summer Camp, and after-school programming, ensuring participants have access to an entrepreneurial role model who can provide them with one-on-one support and information. At the core of our work are 1) positive interactions with entrepreneurial role models, especially those who identify as BIPOC or come from low-income or first-generation families, and 2) participation and engagement from parents/guardians. We believe that exposure to entrepreneurship at a young age can foster skills that can be transferred and adapted to different situations and sustained across a child’s lifetime. Exposure can also promote innovation and creativity, build community wealth, provide economic empowerment, and increase representation in spaces where those that we serve have been traditionally left out of. By focusing on BIPOC and under-resourced/under-represented children, we are helping to build future leaders, address systemic inequalities, promote cultural understanding, and strengthen our communities.


Our programs give children safe spaces to explore their interests and spend their time engaging in activities and building relationships that will help to support their success long term. We center the lived experiences and cultures of the children we serve, encouraging them to celebrate their diversity and view their identities as strengths. Ultimately, we aim to foster a love of learning, ignite curiosity, and instill confidence so youth can take on any challenge that comes their way. Mini Entrepreneurs hosted its first Mini Kids Entrepreneur Fair in 2021, featuring 12 mini-entrepreneur-owned businesses and welcoming 75 community customers. With the community's support, every child sold out of their products and services, earning $1,800 in total income. In 2022, we hosted the second annual fair and added entrepreneur workshops to our program offerings for fair participants, reaching even more members of the community.


The 2022 event featured 30 businesses and 200+ customers and earned $5,000 in income for our Mini Entrepreneurs. This year (2023), we hosted our third entrepreneur fair in September and featured 40 businesses. Over 340 community customers attended the Fair, and our Mini Entrepreneurs earned close to $9,000 in income (combined). In July, we hosted 20 kids at our very first summer camp, which was held at the Providence Public Library and featured curriculum modules, guest speakers, confidence-building activities, and parent engagement opportunities. In January 2024, we will be launching our after-school program in partnership with with Greater Providence YMCA.

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